Hurry Up!

The Steven Small Memorial Scholarship Fund @ BMCH

In memory of our friend Stephen Small, BMCH is proud to be able to offer limited financial assistance to prospective families in need!

About Stephen:

Stephen Small was an amazing man and teacher, dedicated to providing young children the type of attention and support necessary to allow them to dream big and start a journey with limitless paths. As parents, we entrusted him with what we loved the most, and he took great care to provide the type of environment that nurtured imagination, self-sufficiency and respect for others. He was a tremendous role model in words and in action.

His work went beyond the classroom, though. “Mr. Stephen” was absolutely instrumental in keeping this program afloat and viable in its infancy. Beltway Montessori could never have sustained itself through the early years and previous iterations if it weren’t for his work in helping to navigate necessary certifications and licenses required to provide the support we are now able to give to the community.

His passing in 2020 was a tremendous loss felt both by his students and the parents fortunate enough to have crossed his path.

Our board committed to establishing a scholarship fund in his memory as soon as financially possible. We wanted to ensure his legacy would last with our community forever as families moved through the program, and the establishment of the Stephen Small Scholarship Fund in 2022 is a flagship moment for us.

Our mission has always been to provide the highest quality, Montessori-based educational environment for Prince George’s County residents and at an affordable cost. This fund is our next step in continuing that mission.